Food Policy

Councilmember Koretz is the author of what has become, under the stewardship of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, a ground-breaking food policy for the City, one which is being shared across the state and across the United States. Adopted by the City Council in October 2012, the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) provides clear standards and strategic support to empower major institutions, like the City, to procure local, sustainable, fair and humanely-produced foods, while improving access to healthy, high-quality food for all communities.

GFPP is a commitment by food service institutions to improve their regional food system by implementing meaningful purchasing standards in five key value categories: 1) local economies, 2) environmental sustainability, 3) valued workforce, 4) animal welfare, and 5) nutrition.

Only a few weeks after the City Council became the first institution to adopt it (for City departments), the Los Angeles Unified School District – which serves 650,000 meals each day and is the largest food purchaser in Los Angeles – became the second institution to sign on.

Now, the Center for Good Food Purchasing has been launched by members of the LA Food Policy Council to spread the Good Food Purchasing Program nationwide.


The Good Food Purchasing Pledge can be accessed here.

The full Good Food Purchasing Program can be accessed here.

If you want to take the Good Food Pledge, you can do that here.

To find out more about the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, please check their website here.

The Los Angeles City Council approves the Good Food Purchasing Program, with Councilmember Paul Koretz, author of the motion, then-Councilmember Eric Garcetti, who seconded it, and members of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

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