Combating Climate Change


"When you look at your planet from space, it's beautiful, fragile, and there's this little thin layer all the way around: our atmosphere. And that's the only thing that protects us from the really bad vacuum in outer space. This little fragile layer, the atmosphere, is part of our life support system.

We need to be really careful with it."

-- Mary Cleave

American astronaut


Along with most credible climate scientists, Councilmember Koretz firmly believes that we as an international community have less than ten years to turn our greenhouse gas emissions around or else we will be headed toward uncontrolled climate disruption.

One degree Celsius of planetary warming is already causing or exacerbating extreme weather events resulting in widespread flooding, droughts, winds, and wildfires as well as record-breaking heat and cold. These events have already caused billions of dollars in property damage and the tragic deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions. We do not want to know what two degrees or more will cause.

Councilmember Koretz also believes that, working together, we can still turn things around and, in the process, create well-paying green jobs, increase health and social equity across the City by cleaning up the air in all our communities, and reimagine our relationship with the Earth, which is our only home.


Councilmember Koretz has introduced a slate of climate emission-reduction motions to the City Council and is sponsoring a number of community-based projects intended to bolster the vital grassroots effort to increase energy and water conservation on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood, house-by-house, business-by-business basis.

As both California and Los Angeles are being held high as leaders in the climate fight, Councilmember Koretz’s ultimate goal is to create and improve model emission reduction and climate resilience programs that can then be spread around the country and around the world for all to use.



The effort to address climate change has never had a strict deadline… until now. On September 25, 2015, Councilmember Koretz announced his Decade: Climate Safe (2016-2025) initiative, an effort to focus the City and its residents on taking swift and decisive climate action simply for ten years, which will allow technology like electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery storage to be implemented on a widespread basis.

As part of that effort, he will be rolling out several projects intended as models that can be shared and spread around as soon as possible.



Climate Leader

Councilmember Koretz has been recognized as a leader on climate action in Los Angeles. He was recently visited by renowned author and climate activist, Naomi Klein, who he had the privilege of introducing to the City Council.


At the 2015 “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization” Pando Populus conference, he also was given the distinct honor of introducing keynote speaker, Bill McKibben, the person who Foreign Policy magazine named of the 100 most important global thinkers and the Boston Globe called, “probably the nation’s leading environmentalist.”

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